spring and autumn activities

The spring and autumn are perfect times to visit the Annecy area. The scenery is stunning with the fresh vibrant greens of spring and the magnificant colours of Autumn.

Lake Annecy from boatIn autumn the foliage colours rival anything in New England, and against the backdrop of grey stone mountains and blue skies, its a sight not to be missed. Days are often still warm and whilst many tourists have gone home, there are still plenty of restaurants open and things to do and visit. You can still hire motor boats on the lake right in front of our apartment up until the end of October. It makes a gorgous trip to take a boat out on the lake and look at the reds and yellows of the autumn trees cascading down the mountain side into the lake. And if you can hit one of those warm autumn days where the light turns to that milky white and the sunshine diffuses the colours softly - well it feels pretty good!

In spring you can enjoy the fresh greens as the lower slopes wake up after the snow has left, against a backdrop of the mountain tops which will retain their snow tops for some time to come. From late spring in May the alpine flower fields start to appear and the cows return to their higher pastures. The days are long and usually warm yet the main influx of tourists has not yet appeared. Ideal!

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